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                                              Coming Soon: Lavender,  Natural,  Cucumber / Rosemary, and Cinnamon      JEWELRY
 .5oz      $5.25            Peppermint             Lavender                                        .15 oz     $12.99         Peppermint             Lavender                                     

                                Human Hair (Join the CLub)$25.00  for 8  months. Example all of your Remy 14 inch Human Hair  for only 65. 00. Satisfaction. Actually all hair at a discount price.  If we customize your color add $8.00.The Remy hair is virgin hair.  Flat rate shipping only 5.00

                  Photo: REAMY HAIR @ PLETHORA of DESIGNS. WHEN REMOVING BRAIDS AND WEAVES TRY Plethora's prefixer moisturizer system to slow hair breakage. To learn more, log on to youtube "plethora prefixer moisturizer.". Contact us at 907-529-0518