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CO-WASH           Photo: Milwaukee and the world is ready for the PLETHORA line.
 Ladies if you are natural or transistioning, drench your glorious locks with this moisture bath. Your hair will love you for it. Reduces thinning and shedding. Great for relieving dry and itcy scalp. Your infants and toddlers will benefit greatly by starting them off early with this treatment. NO HARSH INGREDIENTS
Excellent for weaves and relaxed hair textures. 
Sold exclusively in salons                                                              Salon In A BOX               Conditioner
Welcome to Plethora of Designs; Even though we developed Plethora Systems in Anchorage Alaska where the weather is extremely dry, I am so excited to invite you to be a part of the Plethora (Super abundance) experience.  Regardless if it is your hair or skin that need MOISTURIZING we say get Plethorized. We have developed hair care and skin care systems just for you.  We would love to speak directly with you to learn more about your needs. Having been in the beauty industry for more than 28 years, it's an honor to give my very best in providing products at an affordable price to the consumer. At Plethora If we say "IT" we will provide it.  Our goal has been and will continue to be a standard of excellence.   Feel free to contact us at 907-529-0518/ or 907-646-0885.  Plethora has  also developed a program for the individual who would like to start their own independent program  in sales.  It is as easy as 1-2-3. You can begin today by contacting us.